Technical Societies Council of the Niagara Frontier


The Technical Societies Council of the Niagara Frontier (TSC) was founded in 1946. Through the years, TSC has played an important role in the technical and engineering community. Today, TSC is an active partner with the technical societies in the Niagara Frontier and has 29 dues paying member societies.

The TSC Regulations were first drafted on June 1, 1946 and last revised on November 1, 2003. Its precepts are generally as appropriate today as they were then. This is reflected in its purpose and objectives.

Our Purpose

The purpose of TSC is: (1) To further the public welfare wherever technical and engineering knowledge and experience are involved; (2) To promote cooperation among the technical and engineering societies of the Niagara Frontier; (3) To consider and act upon matters of mutual concerns to the engineering and allied technical professions; (4) To promote the practice of science and engineering as career choices; and (5) To promote active membership in TSC Member Societies.

Our Objectives

To accomplish the above purpose, TSC pursues the following objectives:

(a) Assist local, state, and federal officials in finding technical and scientific experts to serve on advisory boards, commissions, etc;

(b) Assist the community in learning facts regarding technical and scientific developments;

(c) Keep the Member Societies and their members informed of developments that may effect, or be of interest to them;

(d) Assist in the education of technical and scientific personnel;

(e) Assist in placement problems of general nature;

(f) Educate the community about the practice of engineering and science as career choices, including but not limited to various educational outreach programs;

(g) Provide the members of the Member Societies with information on local technical meetings and other activities of the Member Societies and the Council;

(h) Sponsor a major joint meeting, conference or exhibition; and

(i) Provide general information on speakers and on technical, scientific, and allied subjects.